Siberia Chewing tobacco

Are you on the lookout for a strong chewing tobacco, then you should try Siberia! Siberia chewing tobacco is known as one of the strongest players on the marked and isn’t for beginners or the faint hearted.

A great tobacco experience is both determined by the content of moisture and nicotine. Siberia chewing tobacco is known for the low content of moisture in their products compared to others on the marked. Therefore, you are ensured dry portions that won’t run in your mouth.

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Strong goods

When you choose chewing tobacco from Siberia, you can be sure that you are getting an intense and strong experience, which is made to give you pleasure and freshness for the longest possible time. Siberia contains up to 43 mg of nicotine and is therefore especially suitable for seasoned users of chewing tobacco.

Siberia 80 Degrees White Dry combines fantastic flavor and a chew bag of the highest quality. This has made Siberia one of the most popular products among consumers. Besides the high quality, the products are manufactured to give you the handiest storage of your chewing tobacco. Each can only weigh 13 grams and is easy to carry in your pocket.

Siberia is a dry product, which gives the consumer a nice dry sensation in the mouth without uncomfortable amounts of tobacco fluids. Den powerful mint flavor ensures that you can enjoy Siberia and the fresh breeze of the Siberian winter for longer.

What characterizes good chewing tobacco?

It pays off to look for quality, when you want the greatest pleasure from your chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco differs from snuff in that it is more coarsely cut. With a good chewing tobacco, you will experience a long lasting, deliciously well-rounded flavor.

Siberia is a dry product and therefor has a low moisture content. This ensures that the amount of tobacco fluids during use a reduced, which gives a prolonged flavor and a nice dry mouth feel.