Siberia Snus

Do you dare to try a snus portion packed with 43mg/g of nicotine? Do you? If yes, let’s present you with the strongest option the snus market has to offer – the mighty SIBERIA.

As refreshing as the cold Siberian winds, this snus offers a spicy mint flavour, a comfortable fit, and a lasting taste, all of which make it a top pick in the UK.

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A treat for seasoned users

Siberia comes loaded with nicotine. We’re talking about 43mg of nicotine packed in EVERY gram of snus you take. It might be unimaginable a few years ago but has now become the talk of the town – all thanks to this marvel of GN Tobacco we know today as Siberia.

Take five portions of any strong snus from your usual brand (with measly 8mg/g of nicotine) one after another, and still, that won’t come anywhere near to just one teeny-tiny portion of the mighty Siberia. While it’s understandably a treat for seasoned users, the faint-hearted might want to steer clear of it.

A lighter punch also available

GN Tobacco understands that not everyone can bear the might of Siberia. Thankfully, they have also rolled out a less-dramatic option to let all and sundry enjoy the spearmint freshness of the Siberian breeze. We’re talking about 23mg/g nicotine punches stuffed with Siberia’s unique icy-mint taste.

Lasting taste, worth your cash

Even a 43mg/g nicotine punch will fail to thrill you if it passes too quickly. But that’s not the case with Siberia; GN Tobacco has you covered again. With a fairly less moisture content, Siberia’s dry portions make sure you get a lasting taste, worth every penny of your cash.

For the daredevils who prefer a sudden rush of nicotine, Siberia’s original portions give them just that, with their balanced moisture content! While their moist nature gives a pleasant feel under your lip, they’re dry enough to prolong flavour release, letting you enjoy the Siberian breeze for a longer time.

Fits under every lip

Siberia offers its snus in both regular and slim portions to make sure they fit under every lip. Just imagine the kick you’ll get when a tiny, slim pouch of white dry portion sitting comfortably in your mouth starts pumping 43mg/g of nicotine. Sounds insane? It sure is!

Buy Siberia Snus in the UK

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