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How Chewing Tobacco is Made

Chewing tobacco is produced from nicotine-rich tobacco leaves, which are dried over an open fire. During this fermentation process, starch and sugar are broken down, and the nicotine content is reduced. The leaves are then placed in a fruit sauce and marinated, altering the taste. The tobacco is then dried again and pressed into shape.

Is Chewing Tobacco Harmful to Health?

Since chewing tobacco is not nicotine-free, it is considered harmful to health. Symptoms primarily occur in the oral cavity, but the risk is less than with smoking. The reason: More harmful substances are released through the combustion process. If you experience symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

How is Chewing Tobacco Disposed of?

Consumers should neither swallow the chewing tobacco nor the tobacco juice, but dispose of it in a spittoon. This is because the juice can cause nausea and vomiting. If you accidentally swallow tobacco residues, you should contact your doctor.

How is Chewing Tobacco Used?

The consumption of chewing tobacco can roughly be compared to chewing gum: The consumer takes a piece in the mouth, chews on it a few times, which releases the flavor. The chewing tobacco is then placed in a cheek pouch, and the consumer chews again as soon as the taste diminishes. The remnants of the chewing tobacco are spat into a spittoon or trash can. If the taste is too intense, it is enough to rinse the mouth with water.

How is Chewing Tobacco Prevented from Drying Out?

Chewing tobacco is usually packed in a foil, which is placed in a metal can. The consumer can find the expiration date on the can. If this has expired, the tobacco may lose its taste or consistency. The chewing tobacco should therefore be consumed first and should not be exposed to external influences.

Does Chewing Tobacco Contain Nicotine?

Since the nicotine in the tobacco leaves is not removed, chewing tobacco contains nicotine. The content per gram can be between ten and 40 milligrams. However, the nicotine content can be easily regulated by the amount used.

Well-known and Popular Manufacturers

In Germany, only Grimm & Triebel, with a 150-year tradition, produce chewing tobacco. Oliver Twist has also been producing chewing tobacco in Denmark for over 200 years. This has always been exclusively handcrafted. Another well-known brand is Stokers from the USA, produced by the National Tobacco Industry headquartered in Kentucky.

Chewing Bags and Snus - The Difference

Loose chewing tobacco and Chewing Bags need to be chewed regularly to release the flavor. For Chewing Bags, the tobacco is packed in a special foil and chewed with it. Chewing tobacco is only packed in a foil to protect it from drying out. Snus is ground tobacco. This releases its flavor as soon as it comes into contact with saliva and is otherwise just stored in the cheek pouch.

Worth Knowing About Chewing Tobacco

The explorer Christopher Columbus brought the tobacco plant and also the custom of chewing it to Europe. Chewing tobacco was especially popular among sailors and miners, because due to the high risk of fire, they were prohibited from consuming tobacco during work. Therefore, ship owners quickly set up spittoons on board, because they wanted to avoid tobacco residues on the floor.