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If you prefer a stronger chewing tobacco, then Oden's chewing tobacco is just right for you! The Swedish brand is among the leading ones in the market and could become one of your favorites too.

Oden's has a strong, but well-rounded taste with cool mint notes. Oden's chewing tobacco is a so-called dry product, which means that the small pouches have a low moisture content. Therefore, you will experience less tobacco liquids when using it, ensuring an extended taste experience.



On our website, you can choose between Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry and Oden's Double Mint Extreme White Dry.

Cold Extreme White Dry is the most popular variant. It has a strong and perfectly rounded taste with nuances of cool mint, inspired by Nordic traditions. Double Mint Extreme White Dry has a strong and refreshing taste of mint and menthol.

Both products come in beautiful white chewing pouches that provide a pleasantly dry feeling in the mouth, and ensure that you don't perceive any unpleasant amounts of tobacco liquid when enjoying Oden's. Oden's is made from the finest ingredients, providing the consumer with a refreshing experience of the highest quality.


What characterizes a good dry chewing tobacco?

It makes sense to buy quality products if you want to get the most pleasure and enjoyment from your chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco differs from snus in that it is coarser cut. With a good dry chewing tobacco, you will experience a delicious and rounded taste combined with a dry feeling in the mouth. This also means that you will notice less tobacco liquid and less staining of the teeth.