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A Stroll Through the History of Snus

Snus in its current form was developed at the beginning of the 19th century. In Swedish and many other cultures, tobacco has always played a significant role, ever since explorer Christopher Columbus brought tobacco from America to Europe. Even then, the natives were sniffing tobacco in powdered form.And like everything in the world, Snus too is subject to change. The earlier Snus pouches were easily recognizable to all. From this fact, an inventive soul discovered a new market niche and filled the first white Snus pouches. These were not only more discreet but also released nicotine for a longer period.

Products with Aroma

It would take several years before Snus manufacturers realized that Snus lovers longed for products with more freshness. Now the first products were flavored, and a whole new form of Snus emerged. For Snus was now available in various mint flavors, but also with aromas of exotic fruits and spices. The new, sleek form of Snus pouches was equally popular.And now it is even possible to snus completely without tobacco. For this variant, manufacturers mix plant fibers with aromas and nicotine, achieving the same result as with real Snus.

Popular Manufacturers of Nicotine Pouches:

  • The products from the brand Lyft are identical to the products from the former brand Epok in terms of comfort and taste. The only difference is that the products from Lyft are tobacco-free.
  • Under the brand name Zyn, tobacco-free products have been available for a longer time. These are offered in various flavor variants.
  • In 2018, Skruf also offered Fresh and Cassice, the first two flavor variants on the market. While Skruf's Fresh products offer classic freshness, consumers can expect a very special flavor direction with Cassice products, namely black currant.