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Are you in search of a classic, strong chewing tobacco without much fuss? Then you should try RITE! With RITE, you can be sure to receive optimal enjoyment and amazing taste.

Unlike other brands of chewing tobacco, RITE has chosen to focus on the big classic taste of tobacco with a fresh aftertaste of mint. However, this does not mean that you don't have a choice. RITE comes in the flavors cold&dry, cool mint, mint, and original. In addition, the small pouches come in various sizes, so you can choose between normal and slim.

RITE is a good classic choice if you prefer a traditional strong chewing tobacco that delivers impeccable quality every time.

What makes a good chewing tobacco?

It makes sense to look for quality products if you want the greatest enjoyment from your chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco differs from snuff in that it is cut coarser, as opposed to snuff, which comes in powder form.

With a good chewing tobacco, you experience a delicious and rounded taste and a good nicotine kick.