ZYN nicotine pouches

Do you love chewing tobacco but would like to cut back on tobacco? Then you should try ZYN nicotine pouches. ZYN gives you the same great experience as traditional chewing tobacco but doesn’t contain any tobacco. This also means that you don’t have to worry about tobacco fluids and stained teeth.

ZYN comes in different strengths between 12mg and 15 mg of nicotine. Therefore, you will find it easy to get the optimal effect on the level that you desire.

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Many variants – all without tobacco

The small white bags can easily be confused with traditional chewing tobacco but differs because they are 100% free from tobacco. As soon as they are placed in the mouth the content will become moist and you will feel the full effect of the nicotine, while enjoying one of the delicious flavors.

On our site you can choose from Citrus and Cool Mint, which come in regular, Strong and Extra Strong. Pick your favorite or try different types and get ready to be surprised by the individual flavor profiles.

How do I use ZYN?

You use ZYN in the same way that you would use regular chewing tobacco. Put the nicotine pouch in between your upper lip and gums and enjoy the pleasurable kick from the nicotine combined with one of ZYN’s great flavors.