ZYN Nicotine Pouches

If you want to cut back on tobacco, but just can’t let that nicotine buzz go, we have the solution for you. Enter ZYN nicotine pouches!

ZYN pouches give you the same dose of the smoky stimulant as a cigarette or chewing tobacco but they’re 100% free of tobacco. A super-comfy fit, a refreshing taste made from food-quality ingredients, and a diverse flavour range are some of the factors which make this brand a top pick in the UK.

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A brand for health-conscious people

What’s the point in quitting smoking if you are still living on tobacco?

Luckily, ZYN is there to save the day for you. It is a line of revolutionary products that have the nicotine your brain craves but not the tobacco that you’ve resolved not to use anymore.

ZYN has a sincere commitment to quality and health. All the ingredients in ZYN’s pouches, other than the nicotine, are of food-grade quality. This encompasses the flavors, stabilizers, fillers, and even sweeteners.

And the best part is, ZYN doesn’t cause staining. Since the product is formulated without using tobacco, there is no tar and nothing will leave marks on your teeth. ZYN’s white pouches stay white, no matter what!

A choice for every user

ZYN comes in a range of nicotine concentrations (from 4 to 15 mg/g) in regular, strong, and extra strong portions. The brand offers a choice for every user. I repeat, EVERY user!

There is also a choice of moisture content in the nicotine pouches. You can get the ones with greater moisture content to get a sudden kick or can go for dry versions to have a mild but steady pleasure for the next few couple of hours.

You don’t only have a range of options in the nicotine and moisture concentration department. There is a choice of different sizes too, including regular, mini, and slim portions. You can select the one that feels the nicest in your mouth.

A flavour to fancy your taste

ZYN offers an assortment of flavours so that users can have the one that’s destined for them. Here are some of the flavours we love the most!

  • Cool Mint (15mg/g of nicotine) – A strong combo of mouth-chilling spearmint and menthol, with a hint of spicy peppermint.
  • Cool Mint Mini (7.5mg/g of nicotine) – Go light on the nicotine and get a discreet fit in the same cool mint flavour.
  • Citrus (15mg/g of nicotine) – A delightful taste with notes of orange and lemon.
  • Citrus Mini (15mg/g of nicotine) – Same citrus punch with a milder nicotine concentration and a more subtle fit.

Buy ZYN pouches in the UK

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