Skruf Snus & Nicotine Pouches

Not all snus brands offer a premium experience. And among those who do, Skruf stands tall. I mean, really really tall!

Highly popular due to its refreshing taste, extensive flavour range, comfy pouches, and premium nature, this relatively new entrant in the Swedish snus market has clearly established a name for itself. Over recent years, Skruf has become a top pick in not only the UK, but also the entire European peninsula.

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A modern brand for modern times

Started from the small town of Skruf in Sweden’s Smaland region in 2001, this brand was meant to be modern right from its inception, to be fit for release in modern times.

The masterminds behind the brand knew they could only penetrate the insanely competitive Swedish snus market by offering something that was still missing from the available options. So, they engineered a premium and innovative snus that we know today as Skruf!

A guaranteed premium experience

Skruf is owned by Imperial Tobacco, the fourth-largest tobacco company in the world. And it seems that the folks at Imperial know how to offer a premium experience to their users. They do this by ensuring:

  • A characteristic refreshing taste derived from a unique blend of rose, mint, and bergamot oil.
  • A comfortable packing available in slim, small, and regular pouches to discreetly fit under every lip.
  • An extensive flavour range to appeal to every taste bud.
  • An incredible branding that stirs curiosity in anyone who sees the can.
  • A delicate moisture balance to ensure an optimum and lasting flavour release.
  • A varying nicotine strength to serve both newbies and veterans.

Tobacco content: 0 to Max. Whatever you fancy!

For the users who want to cut back on tobacco, Skruf also offers a zero-tobacco option in the form of nicotine pouches. A great alternative to snus, these pouches are cent per cent free of tobacco but still give the same kick like that of chewing tobacco.

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