SKRUF chewing tobacco and nicotine pouches


SKRUF is one of the market’s original producers of chewing tobacco. They have truly confirmed their position with an array of products which all have recognizable quality, composition and strength making them a favorite among many consumers. SKRUF comes in the small familiar containers, which are easy to bring wherever you go.

SKRUF gives you the option to choose between the classic chewing tobacco with great flavor and the desirable kick of nicotine or nicotine pouches that are 100% tobacco free but still have plenty of the good flavor and pleasure, that SKRUF is known for.

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Chewing tobacco

SKRUF is a modern chewing tobacco which contains raw cut tobacco placed in small, soft portion bags. SKRUF is produced from carefully chosen, air dried tobacco leaves to give you optimal pleasure.

On our site you can chose between SKRUF Fresh xtra strong, which has a delicious tobacco flavor of black pepper, cedar wood and mint and SKRUF xtra strong white, which is the classic version with a tobacco flavor of black pepper and cedar wood.

Nicotine Pouches

SKRUF’s nicotine pouches is called Super White and are 100% tobacco free. SKRUF Super White is made from plant fibers and added nicotine, so you still get the same kick as with chewing tobacco.

Super White comes in both a normal and a slim version, so you can easily find the nicotine pouches that fit you the best. On top of that you can choose between different mint and fruit flavors depending on your mood, location and need.

A great experience

When you are looking for your new favorite product, it pays of to go for quality products. Chewing tobacco differs from snuff in that it is roughly cut while snuff is powdered. With a good chewing tobacco, you will experience a delicious well-rounded flavor and optimal pleasure.

Do you want to cut back on tobacco? Not a problem! SKRUF’s nicotine pouches doesn’t contain any tobacco at all and are a great alternative to chewing tobacco.

Take a look around and order your favorite type of SKRUF today!