Oden’s Snus

Are you looking for a great snus that can give you a good experience without driving a hole in your wallet? If yes, Oden’s snus is what you’re looking for.

An affordable option with a well-rounded taste and an unparalleled diversity in flavours, Oden’s has got all that’s needed to be a top snus in the UK.

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A balanced option for balanced people

Oden’s is a balanced snus, for balanced people. It’s got everything in just the right amount!

While its original portion starts at 9mg/g of nicotine, the extreme versions touch up to 22mg/g nicotine to keep things smooth and easy. Likewise, it has got just the right amount of moisture to make sure the portion steadily pumps the flavour in your mouth.

The flavour release is at just the right rate – not too much, not too little, just the right amount. For those who want a return for even the last penny they spent on Oden’s, GN Tobacco also offers dry portions to enable them to cherish the Oden’s goodness for hours!

Every taste you could wish for

GN Tobacco never violates its tradition of satisfying every last one of its customers. That’s why they have made sure to release Oden’s in every taste you could wish for! With their characteristic well-rounded taste, you can get Oden’s snus in flavours including but not limited to caramel, lime, clove, mint, spearmint, evergreen, and more.

No matter what kind of user you are, Oden’s vast universe will have a product that can appeal to your taste buds. Just name it and Oden’s will have it! A fan of spearmint? Oden’s has it. Caramel? Yup, got it. Lime? Hell yeah!!!

While it’s almost impossible for us to present them all, let’s give you a peek into the unimaginably diverse variety of products offered by this brand.

  • Original
  • Cold Original
  • Cold Extreme
  • 3 Extreme
  • 69 Extreme
  • Double Mint Extreme

A price you can easily afford

One of the biggest reasons why Oden’s is a go-to brand in the UK is its competitive price point. Hailed as a highly economical option in the entire Swedish snus market, Oden’s has got a clear edge over its rivals.

However, the brand doesn’t compromise its quality by any means, as the difference in price gets compensated by the profit it makes due to increased sales.

Buy Oden’s Snus in the UK

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