LYFT Nicotine Pouches

Do you want to experience the goodness of brown tobacco without having to worry about its less-pleasant aspects? If yes, give LYFT nicotine pouches a shot!

While some may confuse them with snus, LYFT nicotine pouches are 100% free of tobacco. It makes them a great alternative for folks looking to cutting back on tobacco!

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For people who don’t like staining their teeth

LYFT’s white pouches don’t leave behind any stains. Yes, you read that right. No stains during the use. No stains after the use! But don’t get the wrong idea that these pouches aren’t exciting enough. Years of hard work and innovation has made it possible for you to get the experience of snus WITHOUT the nasty stains that, like it or not, accompany the brown tobacco!

LYFT’s predecessor EPOK snuff was the first brand to release white pouches for the first time. And it ushered in a new era. The era of stainless pouches we live in today!

For people who care about nature

LYFT pouches are made by an environment-responsible process. The natural fibres which form the bulk of its mass are sustainably sourced from pine and eucalyptus trees.

For people who like a customized experience

LYFT pouches are meant to give a customized experience to users. They’re available in different nicotine strengths, most notably 6mg, 8mg, 14mg, and 16mg per gram.  Much like nicotine, their water content also varies to provide different flavour release rates to users. Want a sudden kick? Or a sublime flavour lasting hours? You can have exactly what you want!

Last but not least, a truly customized experience isn’t possible with just one pouch size. And that’s why LYFT comes in all sizes one can fancy. The option to choose between regular, mini, and slim portions allows you to get the one that suits you the most. The one that discreetly and comfortably fits under your lip as if it was destined to be there!

For people who love diversity in flavours

When it comes to flavour range, there’s hardly any brand that can stand up to LYFT! Some of the top flavours from LYFT’s insanely diversified portfolio include:

  • Mint – A blend of refreshingly cold methanol and sweet spearmint.
  • Ice Cool Mint – A sweet combo of herbal tones and cold peppermint
  • Melon – A hint of melon flavour with tweaks of crispy cucumber.
  • Blueberry – A pleasant taste of mildly sweet blueberries.
  • Lime – A whiff of lemon added to lime peel to create a sour yet sweet feeling.
  • Liquorice – A unique and exciting mix of anise, salmiak, and caramel.

Buy LYFT pouches in the UK

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