About Us

At Snuscorp there are no expensive middlemen.

Vi strive to have the best prices and fast delivery, so you don’t waste time or money.

Snuscorp doesn’t have its headquarters at a fancy address and we don’t have a big and costly sales division. Basically, we do everything we can to keep costs down, so we can give our customers the best prices.

Only the best

Our assortment is handpicked and only contain top quality products from the best producers on the market. Besides the products you know and love we have spiced up the selection with our own private labels WHY, SINZ and Avalans, which are all chewing tobacco and nicotine pouches of the highest quality.

Speedy delivery

At Snuscorp it’s our top priority that you will have your products in hand as fast as possible. That is why we ship your order on the same day, if you order before 2pm Monday to Friday.

That’s quality service and speedy delivery!