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Buy snus in the UK

Are you looking to buy snus in the UK? If so, you’re at the right place. We, at Snuscorp, are good at helping people get the snus that’s right for them! And when I say, good. I mean, really really good!
We offer an extensive selection of ALL kinds of snus from ALL top brands that exist today! Our diverse offerings make sure that each of our customers gets their hands on the snus that’s meant just for them. And that’s something we’re really proud of!

What to know before buying snus online?

There are a number of things that you should know before you purchase snus in the UK, or anywhere else on the globe!
When you buy snus online, you cannot taste or test it. But you can buy the right product for yourself by keeping the following things in mind.

The form of snus you’re comfortable with!

You can buy snus in two main forms, loose and portion.

Loose snus gives control over to you!

Loose snus comes in the form of a moist smokeless tobacco powder that you have to shape into a cylinder before you put it in your mouth. You might know these self-made portions of snus by the names pris (pinch), buga, prilla, or prell.
Loose snus is often pungent and sharp. It can even cause irritation in the mouth and throat of the beginners. However, it is a preferred variety for veteran users since it allows them to take a dose of any size.

Portion snus packs fun in tiny, little bags!

If you are too sensitive to tingling sensations in your mouth caused by loose snus, there’s another option that you can try! You can opt for portion snus.
In this form of snus, the content is packed in small pouches that are made of food-grade material and can be comfortably placed in your mouth.

Get the right nicotine content!

The nicotine in snus can range anywhere from a humble 3 mg per gram to a whopping 65 mg per gram. It is up to you to select the one you want!
For reference, an average little smokey boy has 2mg nicotine in it. So, be a bit careful while making your purchase!

Moisture level makes all the difference!

After nicotine, moisture content is the most important aspect of any snus. The higher the moisture content of the snus, the faster the delivery of nicotine to your bloodstream is.
If you have been into snus for a while now, you can go with the one having high moisture. But if you are getting started with snus, you need to get the one with lesser moisture in it so that things are easy and smooth for you.

You can buy snus in a variety of moisture contents, such as:

  • Original – Lot of moisture to give you an instant nicotine buzz!
  • White – Dry content to give a slow release rate and to avoid staining of teeth!
  • Dry White – The driest variety of snus online, capable of giving you a sublime and steady supply for at least a couple of hours!

Portion size. Because, size matters!!!

They say that a snus is right if it fits right! And we strongly believe in it! That’s why, at Snuscorp, you can get snus in every portion size that exists, such as:

  • Regular – Around 1.0g of content for veterans!
  • Slim – Around 0.7g of content for a comfy fit!
  • Super Slim – Around 0.5g of content for a near-perfect experience!
  • Mini – Around 0.3g of content for an absolutely discreet fit!

Flavour. Obviously, the flavour!

When you buy snus online at Snuscorp, you can have an assortment of choices. The list of flavours that we offer is practically endless. It spans everything from wintergreen and cinnamon, to mint and spearmint, to lime and liquorice, and what not!!!!
No matter which flavour interests you, chances are, we’ll have a brand offering just that!
The flavours can sometimes be hard to describe in words, so you need to try a bunch of them before you find the one that is the best for you. One that’s meant for you!

Snuscorp – Your one-stop shop to get snus in the UK!

If you want to quit smoking, let us (I mean, let snus) help you out! At Snuscorp, you can easily find the snus that’s made for YOU!!!!
We feature all top brands. Our offerings are EXTREMRLY diverse in all aspects – be it nicotine content, or moisture level, or pouch size, or anything else!
So, are you ready to explore the endless possibilities offered by our gigantic snus universe? If yes, just start scrolling!


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