ZYN Mini Cool Mint Extra Strong


ZYN Mini Cool Mint Extra Strong has a cooling menthol flavor with some notes of peppermint. The all-white pouches are small with dry texture and start delivering flavour and nicotine when they become a little humid in the mouth. This means that it can take a few seconds before you feel the effect of the nicotine.

33,00 DKK
1 RULLE (10 stk.)0.3%
32,90 DKK
3 RULLER (30 stk.)0.91%
32,70 DKK
5 RULLER (50 stk.)1.52%
32,50 DKK
10 RULLER (100 stk.)2.42%
32,20 DKK
24 RULLER (240 stk.)3.03%
32,00 DKK

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